Wordsnap No. 26

“an informal poem or short piece written quickly”
or “an impression or view of something brief or transitory”

Welcome to Wordsnap No. 26. It’s nearly spring, but I have a poem from December. Did you know the December full moon is called the Long Night Moon or the Cold Moon? This poem was inspired by the almost full December moon. On the night before the full moon, which happened to be the Winter Solstice, my family and I took a walk (with a dog we were pet sitting) to see the moon, but it was cloudy. However, before we went home, the clouds parted for a few minutes and treated us to a “moonbow.” Seeing the moonbow reminded me of a rainbow poem that I had written in the fall (Wordsnap No. 19). Thanks for reading!

Weekly-ish Wordsnap

Long Night Moon

On the solstice night
before new year, we wander
under clouds.

We walk occluded
in deep cold, through ice crunched grass
that shivers through wind.

At the dog park, we
slide on frozen water, smooth
then bubbly bumped.

The trees like mournful
watchers bunch at park’s far edge
to sway and sway

their icy, angled
limbs. But as we turn to leave
the Moon bursts out from

behind its cloudy
curtain—its role to shine
and ours to gaze.

Near perigee and
full moon phase, its open look
glows wild, like an eye

surprised by beauty.
Earth beauty—though to the Moon—
we appear no more

than slivered marble
slice, mixed blue and white with green
and tan, our hues.

Moon’s satellite shine
peers steady down, encircled
by halo haze—just

ice crystals splitting
light its seven ways. But it
startles me. I touch

my wrist. It seems that
Moon managed to lift away
my rainbow bracelet—

the one I tied when
fall foretold this cold. Now in
winter’s depth, the Moon

signs its desire to
share a promise with the Earth.
Still—when clouds drift

to hide Moon’s eye,
I yank my bracelet down from sky.
Retighten at my wrist.

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